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Systems and Alliances

Conservation Finance & Policy

Parks in Peril created sustainable—that is, long-term and reliable—sources of financing for conservation programs. Read more...

Ecoregional Planning

Parks in Peril used The Nature Conservancy’s ecoregional planning methodology as a systematic, science-based approach to conservation to analyze current levels of biodiversity in major ecoregions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Read more...

Gender & Conservation

In protected areas, women and men have different gender-based roles and responsibilities. Parks in Peril incorporated gender in its conservation strategies. Read more...


Parks in Peril involved diverse stakeholders in protected area management to increase the legitimacy of conservation, while at the same time empowering local stakeholders to participate more actively in society.  Read more...

Institutional Development

Parks in Peril built technical capacity among local organizations to foster and maintain successful conservation programs in important protected areas. Read more...

Marine Protected Areas

Parks in Peril created a system-level effort to address marine biodiversity protection strategies in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Read more...


Parks in Peril supported a move towards relationship management, depending on transparency and communication among institutions to lay the foundation for long-lasting collaboration.  Read more...

Private Lands

Parks in Peril protected biodiversity through direct land acquisition by working with landowners to place voluntary conservation easements on their properties to restrict development. Read more..

Protected Area Systems

Parks in Peril worked within established systems to promote conservation throughout national systems of protected areas in Latin American and Caribbean countries. Read more...

Sustainable Livelihoods

Community initiatives for sustainable natural resource use and management employed through the Parks in Peril program generated of a wide range of livelihood benefits.  Read more...


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