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Cofan men in Ecuador

Since its inception in 1990, Parks in Peril (PiP) has been empowering local conservation organizations to protect biodiversity. These partners are on the frontline of biodiversity conservation in their countries, charting a delicate course for the stewardship of the natural resources that will form the basis of each country's biological patrimony.

List of Partners

PiP strengthens local partner organizations at each site, building a sustainable capacity to achieve enduring conservation of biodiversity. PiP helps consolidate the tools, infrastructure, staff, institutional and technical capacity, local support, and financing necessary to conserve and manage these protected areas. This effort includes engaging local communities in management decisions, conservation activities, and alternative economic activities to foster support for the protection of these areas. A number of PiP partners have become regional authorities on training, community conservation, strategic planning and applied conservation.

Cofán at community meeting, Ecuador © Andy Drumm


Partner Organizations

& the Grenadines
Dominican Republic
Central America

Costa Rica
South America

By providing financial and technical assistance, PiP enables local partner organizations to:

  • Recruit, train and equip park managers to spend long periods of time in remote areas;

  • Conduct resource inventories and monitor and control hunting, logging and mining;

  • Build entrance stations, park headquarters, backcountry outposts, research stations and environmental education facilities;

  • Involve local communities in the management process and in the educational and employment opportunities generated by conservation activities;

  • Identify threats, develop strategies to mitigate them, and design management activities as part of a long-term site protection strategy;

  • Focus on the strength and structure of their organization.

    PiP has provided assistance in all areas of institutional strengthening necessary for these organizations to attract funding for conservation work and to promote conservation throughout the region. While conservation in protected areas clearly depends on technical management capacity, long-term conservation solutions depend on the durability of the organizations involved. PiP helps develop many aspects of its partner organizations’ institutional strength to ensure they will be able to continue conservation work developed under PiP even after PiP funding ends.