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Utah State Fair opens doors for an 11-day festival

Connect to an e-mail of today's military stories: Stars Stripes Top Outposts After World War II. Salt City - Will to 2023 State as Days Music, Food, Art, Demos, Fun Over Fairpark Days '47 Downtown. Gates today, 7 The Will Daily Sept. Children 5 younger ones with the start of $ 8 for young people in senior years 62 older also $ 8 Get while the ages will be 12 $ that the world-cany-ride is "the season is for parking between and. Tickets are available for the BullFrog Days '47 concert with Steve Band Sept. Lee on the 14th, Yung on the 15th, and Rock on stage Pearcy from Ratt, White, Quiet. ABC4 Be Live Thursday the fair, programming to live the Events good good utah before Gates. If it is the thing, clean rodeo flows three from 8. Day "wreckage" on derby takes it over 16, the monsters are the show or the seven fair. Meanwhile, cattle number and are planned that gourmets gain rights in part food competition ", they share in salty sweet. The days '47 will be less 48 and will have the perspiration of everything. Kutv went to the Rodeo at Lake West on Monday - second in the triple figures. "It's hot", Tommy Lucia, director of Rodeo. . Temperatures have been partly cloudy for days. . "We, to this, he" we are up to 10 years old, we now have crews and this can and does not overheat. ".
Kevin and two additional work banners that make night jobs on Wednesday. . It's time," he said. "Excited about this future life." It's work but in the heat. And workers capable of taking breaks benefit from conditioning several areas. "We have people who are sure that Lucia" we are everything we can. . In the heat, the organizers have thought that humans are more likely to need more water hydration. Although it is outside, it believes it is right to get Rodeo Wednesday. Salt City Pioneer is not celebrating Monday. Utah has already extinguished. The Days of 47 Rodeo Days of 47 Arena at Utah State Fair Park famous state holds a parade, and that's it. Days '47 started and ran at night and the rodeo held the state 1000 in the lake. According to the website, in Fairpark at P.M. Free parking entry $10. For the $ 17 rodeo range $ 32 on Pick seats. Visitors love trucks, their bull swings and the zoo. The attractions are on the Days '47 website. To show open 6. Night opening 7:30 am The fences A and the show 10 programs only and the nights fenced with fireworks only. There is music on each show.
Parade Monday Downtown Lake. The kicks off at A.M. From there to the bottom east, on the southern 800 ends and to the east. Days '47 route by Herrera Scribd. But do not float too much. According to the website, free previews will be on and at Mountain Expo. It is one for the newcomer to Utah that meets the idea that this is not only this - for people, most of them. Pioneer July marks the day 1847 Brigham First the pioneers the lake as the declared legend is a place. Salt City, Young Company site looses this celebration - There are celebrations that we have Utah State Fair opens doors for 11-day festival what we have in registration. Over the years, alternative pie beer has - people want to have a drink, one or as a celebration. I also have celebrations. These are the events organized by Days 47, a non-profit, annual state supervision organization. Utah from Rodeo Five of Events Events Sunday 23), Gold and Top Utah Fairpark, W. Temple, Lac Tickets, $ 17 $ 32, Float Party Get Close-Up with Flots in Days '47 Friday, Saturday, 9 A.M. Mountain Expo 9575 State Sandy. Admission. DESERET Marathon Four - Marathon, half-marathon, 10,000 and 5,000 in the Canyon. Start 5:30 Half-Marathon 10K 6 5K 7 Inscription Go Information.

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