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Florida sophomore cautious back Chauncey Gardner

Gardner's unmistakable swagger and brash grandiosity were as evident as his noteworthy speed and clear playmaking impulses Florida Gators Schedule Tickets.

So it was an unmistakable difference to see Gardner talk with correspondents a week ago interestingly since winning Outback Bowl MVP respects in January and surprisingly on grounds since joining the Gators star QB Justin Fields visiting Florida … once again.

He constantly avoided inquiries regarding whether he sees himself at cornerback, where the Gators lost two potential first-round NFL draft picks; at wellbeing, where he completed last season or at nickel. It was one stock answer after another, about simply needing to buckle down, learn and help his group win.

At last the question must be inquired Rain delays unearth more pitching options for Florida Gators entering College World Series. Had Gardner all of a sudden dialed down his identity?

"Simply listen progressively and simply be interested in everything rather than simply attempting to go at individual fights. Like Coach Mac says, simply go out and contend. That is whatever we're doing," he stated, including that he had a discussion with new guarded organizer Randy Shannon about being to a greater degree an audience than a talker.

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The Wiz of Odds: Florida

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