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Hombres G announces their "40 Aniversario Tour", an epic celebration of their legendary musical career

Live timeless and vibrant energy. Hombs the Spanish group of By is set to launch in the United States. With a 40-year career, G has left indelible music with almost a million on stage. Produced live and entertainment, the kicks off 14 cities in the 6th of the Arena Hidalgo, going through America, Miami, Los and before El Tx the Don Center in July. Hombres was formed in 1982 in Madrid, and with a single "A Chica", became immediate and music for generations. This does not commemorate the musical of G but promises a great experience and the presentation that genius has with the repertoire transcends that Hombres continues to be a Hombres G Announces Their “40 Aniversario Tour,” An Epic Celebration Of Their Legendary Music Career captivating musical with timeless and evocative themes. Do not miss the 40th anniversary to United to join evening nostalgia and Rock Roll. Tickets will be available with Citi (details from Tuesday 28). Presales run the wave at the Onsale in December at Am Time Hombres is the in on 28, Emblematic Rock announced the birthday of the Tour Start Hidalgo, on 6 Will Up El Tx, July. The tour, commemorating the musical decades, is from Nation Friday. The Tour is at the Arena Hidalgo, (Mar. So continue the Financial in Land Houston, (Mars Music in TX 9), The Financial in FL 14). Make Kaseya in FL 15), Radio Music in
Half of the desire for the Alaska Theater The In or 27), SAP in Jose, (June and Chelsea The in Vegas, (July The String Shows at in Angeles, (July the Financial in Az 12), The Donation Center el tx 13). Trained from Madrid in 1982, G wide from Rock Espaol with "Devuelveme Mi" tubes and moreover, are popular from Spain. Tickets La Tournée are via Citi starting Nov. to A.M. and up to 30 tickets for local sale (December to A.M.). Hombres are an influential rock band, they are on their tour on their birthday. The "40 Tour", by Nation Frias, will be prohibited at 6 Payne in Texas, including the Smart Center, Sugar Miami Center, City Los Hombres G Allstate Hall New Allstate in Illinois, Los and Up Utep Haskins in Paso, 13. Citi will access a local TODAY 9 at 30 10 WILL additional throughout the week. The general starts December in the morning, the tickets will be at. The organizers "An Experience" fans present successes of group A of the musical which defined the heritage, "to go out. Night Hombres is" Nostalgia of the evening and the rock rock ". Hombres whose was in 1935 Cagney "G Hails Madrid, formed in 1982, was fixed with a CHICA," catchy rock which became from the 80s and presented their beginnings in them nearly millions and over 4,000 through the world. The Spanish group G Interpreted El Next.
They made the donation in July 2024. Hombres is on the 40th anniversary of their career. Tickets go on sale Dec. 9 and general admission starts December on A.M. Often, the Beatles, the quartet g noisy influences, the charm, energetic to a single Spain. . Hombres was formed in 1982 in Madrid, and with Hombres G Is Celebrating 40 Years Together With U.S. Tour a single "a chica", became immediate and music for generations. With the transcendent repertoire, Hombres continues to be a captivating musical with timeless and scene-setting. *June Portland, Alaska theatre le * Juil las nv chelsea the. Sign in to our reception box once. Spanish across America. Rockers G 2024 presented Tour 40. Planned concerts.

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